Becoming a Foster Carer

Fusion Fostering recognises that the decision to foster is one of the biggest life changes you will make. Becoming a foster carer is a lifestyle choice that needs to include the whole family. Taking the time to give your loved ones the opportunity to explore what it will mean for them, ask questions and discuss any reservations is important.

Being a foster parent is rewarding – but it can also be challenging. Some young people need additional support in their foster home. That’s why we employ professionals, both internally and externally, to support you, your family and the young person.

We are committed to providing good quality training which:

Helps foster carers gain a better and meaningful understanding of their role

Establishes a positive framework of values to promote good outcomes for children and young people.

Encourages foster carers to take responsibility for their own professional development through their individual training profiles

Be a Foster Carer

Is this the right time?

Think about why you want to foster and why this is now the right time. Do you have the support of your immediate and wider family? Fostering in many ways is a lifestyle choice and impacts upon all those involved often in ways you may not have considered. A good agency will explore these issues in depth and assist you to ensure it is the right decision and the right time.

Who Fosters?

One of the strengths of fostering is that it attracts people from all different backgrounds with a wealth of reasons for choosing to get involved. Choosing the agency that best matches your expectations and aspirations is central to your success and happiness in fostering. We welcome applications from people who are older, single, live rurally or in the city, working, not working, home owners or in rented accommodation.

Put simply, we are interested in talking to people from the broad demographics that make up our society. Never think that you won’t be what we’re looking for, please call and find out. We promise a warm welcome and as much time as you need to decide whether fostering is right for you.

A Child in Mind?

When people first consider fostering, they often have a perception of the type of child that may fit into their family or who they would like to help. Sometimes they create a picture of what fostering will actually be like. If you are thinking of younger children or teenagers or sibling groups, it is helpful to know if the agency regularly places children of this type. This also gives you a sense as to how long you might wait for a placement.

The broader the range of children you feel able to foster, the greater scope there is for making placements. During the assessment, significant time is devoted to exploring what kind of child would match with your family. You may be surprised and your initial thoughts may change.

Choosing the right Agency

It will come as no great surprise that quality organisations reflect the quality people that work and develop them. What are your first impressions of the welcome you receive? Are your questions and concerns answered fully and with clarity? How comfortable do you feel at each stage of the process with both the people and ethos? Is the agency well structured, organised, professional and knowledgeable? Are they honest, open and realistic with the capacity to work at your pace?

Are they positioned to offer you close support and how is this delivered? Do they have a good reputation? Is there access to current carers who can share their experiences of the agency? Do they share and ignite your passion for fostering? Are they working closely with a range of local authorities through regular arrangements? Remember that it’s the local authorities that commission the services of the agency you are considering. Be wise – get a feel for a couple of agencies, as it helps to make some informed comparisons.

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