We have some brave members of staff!

They did it!

On the 17th November Don Polaine and Cam Pexton jumped out of a plane for charity. We had a chat with them about how the jump went.

Don said:

I originally put my name down for this impulsively and without giving much thought about the actual Skydive (due to my fear of heights and flying)! Once I started getting sponsorship money I became fixated on this and my mind was just focused on how much money I could raise for Chestnut Tree House. I had raised about £900 by the middle of September. As the original date of the 27th October drew closer I decided to phone ‘Go Skydive’ to check out any special requirements. I was horrified to learn that I was overweight and had  to lose around half a stone to be able to do the Skydive. The following 3 weeks, I spent on a strict diet and regular exercise regime. In the 10 days leading up to the event date of the 17th November I was going to the gym twice a day religiously as I was determined to do this and not let anybody down. I still hadn’t given much thought to the actual skydive until the 17th approached. Myself and my wife left home at 6am that day in order to arrive at Salisbury for 8am. I was quite apprehensive when I got on the scales, even though my scales at home told me that I had lost just under a stone in weight, there was still a small possibility of them being wrong etc. I was relieved when I was told that all was OK. I met up with Cameron who was also doing the Skydive. Cameron had driven down the day before from Hull with his girlfriend. We chatted briefly before going into a room for a video induction. After this I returned to the café where my wife was waiting and decided to have some breakfast and a drink (I was afraid to eat anything that morning as I didn’t want the humiliation of not being able to do the Skydive, but now I had been weighed, some of the pressure was off, although there was a different kind of pressure now – the Skydive!! What the hell am I doing, I thought to myself, I had also paid an additional fee to upgrade to the 15,000 ft Skydive. The reality of it all began to sink in although I kept reminding myself of why I was doing this and the money that I had raised.

Cam said:

I have always had an interest in Skydiving even though I don’t necessarily like heights. On the drive down to Salisbury the day before, and waking up the next day telling myself “I’m jumping out of a plane today” felt more and more nerve-wracking as it crept closer. My skydiving group was 4th in line to dive, meaning while I was waiting, I watched all of the previous jumpers go up 10,000 feet and land back down again within 15-20 minutes. When they called my group and it was my turn to head towards the plane, I kept telling myself different things to sub-consciously attempt to scare myself. During the time meeting the instructors and landing they were great, and they really managed to turn all of these things that other jumpers were almost in tears about down to nerves into humour.

As the plane went up I already thought it was incredibly high. I managed to take a look at my instructors watch which displayed the altitude at 5,000 ft (only half way!). The feeling between when the door of the plane opens and you’re shuffled forward to temporarily hang outside the plane while your instructor leans off the edge to plunge at 125 mph is indescribable. And overall it was one of the best experiences ever.

I would really like to thank everybody who took the time to go onto the JustGiving page and donate to help make a difference.

Don and Cam we are so proud of you both. Congratulations on facing your fears, and raising so much money for charity.

Currently, there are more than 7000 carers needed in the UK alone, meaning more than 7000 children are living without the proper care of a loving family that they so desperately require. Keeping our foster families happy means we receive a higher number of success stories to share, allowing us to raise awareness for the need of carers across the country. This, in turn, allows us to achieve our goal of finding more loving foster homes for those children in need.

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