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We always try to share and celebrate all of the amazing things our carers and care partners do on a 24/7 basis. Our innovative web/social media series ‘Who Cares’ gives an insight into the lives of foster carers and care partners who work alongside Fusion; aswell as frank and honest discussions in our new foster carer round table series.

Our aim is to shine a light on the amazing people that dedicate their lives to improving the lives of young people that need it most. We believe as we express our visions and values through the creative content we make and share we will hopefully further remove the stigma behind foster care.

Who Cares? EP #1

A Council Estate Yankee Candle collecting couple 🕯
A single safety conscious leisure manager 
And Spiritual Iranians with so much love to give 💕

Who cares?

Who Cares? EP #2

When a husband and wife fostered for 25 years, it’s no surprise that their daughter chose to dedicate her life to helping others… 👨‍👩‍👧💚

Who Cares?

Who Cares? Ep #3

Meet Wesley Day!
16-year-old Youtuber content creator, Rapper and Foster child 🎥💚🎤

Who Cares?

Foster Carer Round Table

Thinking of Fostering? 🤔

This is the ultimate learning tool for you 👊💚