Independent Social Work Panel Members


Location: South West

Job Description

1. To read the circulated papers carefully before the meeting and to attend the meeting prepared to raise issues and to contribute to the panel discussion.

2. To take responsibility for participating in the making of a recommendation, on each case, drawing on both personal and professional knowledge and experience.

3. To attend meetings of the panel as specified in your agreement with the agency.

4. To be prepared to attend additional panels if possible, if requested.

5. To participate, with other members, in advising on policy and procedural matters as required.

6. To address diversity issues and promote anti-discriminatory practice.

7. To safeguard the confidentiality of all panel papers and panel discussions.

8. To participate in induction and in training which will be at least one day per year.

9. To participate constructively in the annual review of your central list panel membership.

10. To declare to the Fostering Panel Chair, any personal interest or knowledge in relation to any specific case, as soon as it is identified.

11. To address diversity issues and promote anti-discriminatory practice.

Experience and qualifications

Experience, either professionally or personally or both, of the placement of children in foster families or of children being cared for away from their birth family.

A social work qualification will be necessary for certain panel members.