Birthday Fun in the ‘Snow’!

Birthday Fun in the ‘Snow’!

On Saturday 18th May, John and Gina held a birthday party for their now 6 year old foster child, Mia (name anonymised).

Mia has been with John and Gina since August 2018 and struggles with being in school. Mia is a highly intelligent little girl, who can sometimes be very down on herself, when she feels she has “failed”. Mia is doing much better, and is in school full-time. However, she could do with a little help with her social skills.

This was one of the reasons Gina and John (mostly Gina, poor John!) decided to invite 20 of Mia’s classmates for a birthday party, to celebrate Mia turning 6! For FOUR hours.
Fortunately, not long before the party, Gina spotted an Elsa in town and invited her to come along. This went down very well, as did the lucky dip that Gina and Mia had put together. There was plenty of confetti in the lucky dip (novice mistake Gina), and the aftermath of this can be seen in a very small amount in the photo of John vacuuming the lawn afterwards. He had not yet started on the house!

The important part though is that Mia had a wonderful time, has already had a play date invite from one of the children at the party and she told John and Gina that she had loved her very first birthday party.

Well done, John and Gina, and relax – until next year!