Her Wildest Dreams

Her Wildest Dreams

Knees shaking, hands grasping
For the bag that holds the contents of her life
Unable to comprehend
How this could be any different.

A warm face, a twinkling eye
They open a door
To reveal a whole new world
One that defies her wildest dreams

They personify kindness
Hearts looking warm
Everything she knew
They offered her love
An eternity of affection that would make everything okay

The fear melts, anxiety subsides
As she takes her first step into the house, into her future,

She knows this is a good thing
All the weight of worry, is lifted by
their hearts,
And she finds herself thinking for the first time in the life ‘this is a family’

This poem has been written by a foster child in the South East. We think it is brilliant, and want to congratulate her on this wonderful poem.