Fusion Fostering support local rugby team

Fusion Fostering has recently supported a local rugby club; Fusion has sponsored their shirts. Adrian, our maintenance man plays for the club, so when he asked if Fusion would sponsor them, it seemed like an obvious answer!

Neil; who runs the club said ‘Well nearly 25 years ago in 1994 over a pint or 2 on a Sunday afternoon, and an idea was put forward to start a Social side by Steven Nolan, John Ferry Man, Mark Richard’s and Mark Dunn. The Then know Great Escape RFC was born. Shirt’s were sponsored by Scrumpy Jack(Blue/White/Red and Green quarters) alas this only survived for 1 season thru poor quality and hard Rugby. Our host’s sponsored the Second kit were Red and Black quarter’s. With a change of Pub, it was decided the name be changed to BLAKEBEARS RFC as Admiral Blake was Bridgwater’s Navy hero. We saw a Change of Pub to Blake Arms and Sponsorship of our new Club Badge. After a couple of seasons we Returned to The Great Escape but still kept our name BLAKEBEARS RFC est 1994. Over time the Red and Black kit began to show the ravages of time. So in early 2000 our 3rd kit was sponsored by M&H Joinery which saw us thru to season 2007/2008.After a seven-year Bear Nap. Bears were reformed, and our old kit with a kit bag was located and served us for the next 2, and a half seasons I must add Steve and Annabel Bradley at our home pub The Commercial sponsored the repair and renumbering of our rediscovered kit. During this time the lad’s referred to them as “THE POTATO SACK’S” As now shirts are made from a much lighter material. With the help of Adrain Hale and his boss’s at Fusion fostering they made up the substantial difference of money needed for new kit.With also a big thank’s to the Alison Bennet Somerset Rugby Union, Deborah Hanniford & Jez Mcbain at Oggy Oggy Pasty’s and Mongo’s all Star’s for their sponsorship.
To have what is now our 4th Kit in 25 year’s will help us go forward in this our Silver Anniversary year. It encourages new players to play and enjoy the Social side of Rugby with BLAKEBEARS RFC. Myself and All the lad’s that you so very much from the bottom of our heart’s so we can still keep playing in the Red and Black of Blakebears RFC.’

Dave Tucker said ‘Blake Bears is the kind of club that we are keen to support as they are rooted in the community, and they provide opportunities for people of all backgrounds to get into the sport. We recognise that it can be tough for sports clubs to sustain themselves, so we feel it is essential to help the club where we can. I am looking forward to making my debut in the future!’

Adrian said ‘Thank you to Gary and Dave at Fusion, for sponsoring our Rugby club. I am looking forward to our 25th anniversary and the up and coming season.’
Fusion is extremely happy to be supporting the Blake Bears.

Fusion Fostering support local rugby team

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