Fusion Fostering’s appointment of an independent Data Protection Officer.

Fusion Fostering have just appointed Michael Curren to be our independent Data Protection Officer in line with the GDPR/Data Protection 2018 regulations.
Michael is a member of the International Association of Privacy Professionals (IAPP) and hold the designation CIPP/E with them (Certified Information Privacy Professional (Europe)).
The IAPP is the world’s largest Privacy community – mainly lawyers and compliance professionals such as Data Protection Officers – and offers the only globally recognised Privacy certification qualifications.
He also has professional certifications in Project Management and Change Management.
Michael has worked as an independent compliance and data protection consultant, mostly in Financial Services, since 2010. Most recently this included leading the Operational Data Management and Reporting work streams of two of the largest, highest profile Regulated Past Business Review Projects in UK retail banking and the Data Management of a re certification of the whole regulated field sales force and for one of the largest U.K. Retail Banks.
Michael lead Fusion’s GDPR training days back in April.
Michael said:
‘I very much enjoyed being part of the Fusion roadshows back in April. One thing which was very clear to me is that Fusion is full of people who want to do the right thing. I have no doubt that most of what we need to do is already being done in one way or another and I see my role as helping to ensure Fusion and the children and carers we work with having best of breed privacy protection.’
Michael will be spending the next few months finding out more about how Fusion user’s personal data and ensuring we have the correct records, systems and policies in place.
‘I am here to make a positive impact on as much as I can. Please get in touch to let me know what we do well and what we could improve concerning privacy.’
If you have any questions about the data we hold about you, please make a request directly to our Data Protection Officer using the email address mydata@fusionfostering.co.uk.


Currently, there are more than 7000 carers needed in the UK alone, meaning more than 7000 children are living without the proper care of a loving family that they so desperately require. Keeping our foster families happy means we receive a higher number of success stories to share, allowing us to raise awareness for the need of carers across the country. This, in turn, allows us to achieve our goal of finding more loving foster homes for those children in need.

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