A day out in Blackpool

A day out in Blackpool

It may have been a cloudy day in Blackpool in the summer, but that didn’t cast a gloom over the North Western Fusion team. Ray Porter and his dedicated team of care partners hold an annual rewards day for the Fusion care partners and foster families in the North West of England. For the 2018 event they decided throw the usual day of presentations aside and escape to Blackpool Pleasure Beach instead!

Close to eighty members of the Fusion family attended the event, enjoying a day of traditional seaside fun to celebrate their hard work throughout the year, no matter what their role in the tightly knit Fusion network including team members, foster children, carers, and their birth children.

Helping Ray to keep the day fun-filled for both carers and youngsters were team members Suzanne, Shirley, Darren, Annette, Julie and Sally. By the looks of things they all managed to squeeze plenty of fun in between taking care of everyone else!

‘We are here today to support our carers and children, creating a relaxed atmosphere to ensure a great day out at Blackpool Pleasure Beach. Last year we had a day of meals and presentations, but this year we thought we would do something a bit more informal where everyone can switch off from the real world and have a really good day out’.

-Ray Porter, Care Partner.

As a fostering company, Fusion are passionate about avoiding the typical stereotype of corporate agencies where money and statistics are more important than the welfare of children and their carers. The objective of events like this one are for everyone to get together outside of the office meetings, get to know others in the system and, most importantly, celebrate one another. Looking at the footage captured of the day, Team North West achieved their goal with flying colours.

The Fusion family is growing all the time with new carers and, in turn, children with safe homes. Ray admits that although the rewards are endless, fostering has its difficulties:

‘It is important for us to keep everybody together and maintain that support, making it easier to tackle the complexities of fostering. It can be a really tough job. We want to reward everyone with a little fun day out.’

Despite the weather taking a cloudy turn, everyone remained cheerful by riding rollercoasters and eating the famous Blackpool Rock. We caught many glimpses of team members Annette and Shirley getting on and off rides throughout the day! They gave us an insight into why the day was such a great idea:

‘We’ve got nearly eighty carers, staff and young people including birth children here to enjoy the delights that Blackpool has to offer. We’ve been on some big rides today. Infusion was fantastic! Absolutely brilliant. That one that goes up into the air… Ice Blast… that was heart attack material! We’re going on the avatar next. Oh, and we’re going to try out the new one called the Icon…’

‘We’ve just spotted some of our children now. It’s nice, you can’t go anywhere without seeing somebody you know. It’s brilliant, become a foster carer and enjoy Blackpool Pleasure Beach with us at Fusion North West!’

So there you have it, a successful day all round at Blackpool Pleasure Beach for many of the North West Fusion Fostering family. Many thanks to everyone on the team and all of our care partners, care families and foster children for making this amazing day possible!

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