Forget Glastonbury – Fusion Fest 2018 was definitely the place to be this summer!

Forget Glastonbury – Fusion Fest 2018 was definitely the place to be this summer!

Forget Glastonbury – Fusion Fest 2018 was definitely the place to be this summer, and everybody’s talking about it! Back in August we threw a little weekend festival together for all our foster families and staff. As the first one was such a huge success, we are already planning the 2019 event and we’re making it bigger and better.

In order to exceed everybody’s happy expectations for next year, we’ve been taking notes from the event guests on their favourite activities and memories of the weekend.

First of all, we caught up with one of our Supervising Social Workers, Roger Drake, for a summary of the first Fusion Fest and a chat about what it meant for those involved.

‘The event was a celebration of the role of foster carers and the young people we support within Fusion. It was a well organised and eventful weekend with a variety of activities for all ages. It was lovely to see everyone helping each other out, whether it was putting up tents, making teas and coffees or spending time with children and young people from different areas of the organisation. The activities such as the nature walk, games of football, rounders, and meal times were brought together nicely with a dance and celebration with the band on Saturday evening.’

Roger pointed out that the festival helped bring together members of the Fusion Family from all over the UK to get to know fellows of the fostering society who could relate with one another.

‘There was opportunity to meet people from all areas of the organisation and to share our thoughts and feelings as we watched the fire in the evening. The food was very good, as were the people who run the camp site and supported the event. The band that came on Saturday was very good and engaged with everyone present. The music brought everyone together in this celebration of fostering. I’m already looking forward to next year’s festival!’Forget Glastonbury – Fusion Fest 2018 was definitely the place to be this summer!

We then managed to catch up with a couple of the Foster Carers who attended.

Claire travelled all the way from East Yorkshire with her children aged 4, 12 and 23:

‘Attending the Fusion Fest was an amazing experience. It was great meeting other carers and chatting to Gary, the director of Fusion. I cannot point out one single thing that I liked the most as I think it was the general uplifting vibe and atmosphere I enjoyed the most.

My children enjoyed the freeness of exploring the beautiful countryside with its lake and farm shop. Every minute of the day was packed with activities including sports, arts, glitter tattoos, Reiki, and an Orchard trip where we got to go fruit picking. We even got to pet the hunting hounds! It was all rounded up nicely with tasty homemade food and an uplifting show from the live band, Bud Sugar. The whole weekend was fantastic… roll on Fusion Fest 2019, but make it longer next year!’

Ali also gave us an insight of her weekend with the family:

‘Fusion Fest was something out of the ordinary which was exciting for all of us to do. It was time spent away building happy memories as a unit together. Everybody had to pitch in so there was a great atmosphere. The kids met other children who were fostered and so weren’t apart from the crowd in any sense – in fact, it was cool to be fostered for once and allowed you access to a festival which is exciting for young folk to be a part of.

It was a safe, accepting environment and fun for everyone. There was certainly lots of fresh air, meeting new people, and we all enjoyed eating, singing, and playing together.

My son loved the football and the lads were so sweet and patient with him and my daughter is still talking to a friend she made who came along with her family. As a foster carer it was so nice not having to think of cooking etc., so I could just chill out and enjoy myself too!’

So there you have it! Fusion Fest clearly went down a treat; both birth children and foster children had plenty to do, and it even gave the foster carers a break from the day-to-day. We couldn’t be happier with the response we’ve had from the attendees and organisers, and absolutely cannot wait for the 2019 event. If you’re a member of the Fusion family we hope to see you pitching in next year along with all the lovely faces from 2018. Until then, let’s all keep on spreading the love of fostering far and wide, to raise the awareness of those children in need!

Currently, there are more than 7000 carers needed in the UK alone, meaning more than 7000 children are living without the proper care of a loving family that they so desperately require. Keeping our foster families happy means we receive a higher number of success stories to share, allowing us to raise awareness for the need of carers across the country. This, in turn, allows us to achieve our goal of finding more loving foster homes for those children in need.

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