Training & Fostering Panel

At Fusion Fostering we recognise that fostering has become increasingly demanding and complex. We are committed to providing good quality training that is accessible and relevant to all our foster carer’s whilst also developing specific, bespoke programmes developed to meet foster carer’s’ identified developmental needs.

The TSD (Training Standards & Development) sets and defines standards for all foster carers to meet, which form the basis of training from induction through to on-going development and link into the requirements of the National Minimum Standards 2011, the Children Act 1989 and works towards the Five Outcomes, as
detailed within Every Child Matters, reinforcing that foster carer’s have a key role in improving the life chances of children who are Looked After, especially by providing stability and helping children to achieve at school.

The pre-approval/appointment training is based on the Fostering Network’s ‘Skills to Foster’ model and incorporates the TSD induction training. Supervising Social Workers are always on hand during this process to assist and help with any queries. Following on from this, carer’s have the opportunity to attain their level three Diploma in child care.

We offer a range of foster carer training events and courses, as well as training opportunities on specialist topics, so our carer’s can continue to acquire the skills and knowledge they need to help develop stable and secure attachments while building a professional portfolio of training and skills.

Fusion Fostering Service welcomes applications to foster from people from all backgrounds. It is The Fostering Service view that no person has an automatic right to foster a child as the best interest of the young people will always take priority. Fusion Fostering has its own Fostering Panel for the approval, review, registration and de-registration of all carer’s. The Panel meets twice a month and includes an experienced independent chair, health practitioner, education person, ex-service user and registered Social Workers all of whom play a crucial role to the process of approving and reviewing foster carer’s.

We believe that the exceptional level of support, full training programme, generous reward allowances and paid annual leave provision all add up to enabling us to provide a fostering service that is professional and appreciated by those who deliver and purchase our service.