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Job Title: Support Worker
Location: South West – varied locations
Level/Salary Range: See pay table below Position Type: Sessional (Bank)
Reports to: Operations Manager Date posted:
Summary You will offer care to Children / Young people in short-term, ad hoc, unplanned sessions in line with a 24/7 service. You will collaborate with the Child / Young Person, their Carer and the Social Worker, working in a sensitive and professional manner, to ensure that their emotional, social, physical care needs are met during each session. You will undertake a range of duties to accommodate the needs of the Child / Young Person.
Job Description

Hours of work:

Hours may vary, no guaranteed weekly hours apply.

Direct Work:

·      You will be responsible for providing a stimulating and enjoyable session for the Child / Young Person, appropriate to their developmental stage.

·      Sessions may include facilitating activities (cinema, shopping, outings etc.), or escorting the Child   / Young person to appointments, or supervising contact sessions with their family members etc.

·      You will have a sound knowledge of safeguarding and you will prioritise the safeguarding of the Child / Young Person in your care.

·      You will follow the information provided in the Booking Brief regarding pre-agreed activities, journeys and contacts with the Child / Young Person, adhering to instructions about any restrictions, medications, allergies / intolerances etc.

·      You will adhere to the pre-agreed budgets set for activities, mileage, food / drink etc. as outlined in the Booking Brief.

·      You will share relevant information regarding the behavior or care of the Child / Young Person, working collaboratively with both the Carer and the Social Worker, ensuring that sensitivity and confidentiality is always maintained.

·      You may be required to offer appropriate guidance to the Child / Young Person on a range of relevant issues (i.e. drugs, alcohol, sex, sexuality, health, finance, education and employment.)

·      You will demonstrate respect for young people’s privacy and ensure that their confidentiality is balanced appropriately with the need to keep them safe.

·      You will set and maintain safe, consistent and understandable boundaries for the Child / Young Person in relation to acceptable behavior.

·      You will be proactive in helping the Child / Young person and act as an advocate. You will positively promote any progress and acknowledge and celebrate their successes during the session.

·      You will provide a non-judgmental and welcoming atmosphere considering their religious, racial, cultural and linguistic backgrounds and special needs.

·      You will contact either management, the Carer / Social Worker or the emergency

out-of-hours service, as appropriate if you require professional advice or urgent assistance regarding the Child / Young Person.

·      You will write up a chronological journal immediately after each session outlining any activities, journeys, wellbeing or care concerns and/or significant events, which must be accurately completed to a professional standard,

·      If you identify any safeguarding concerns, you will make accurate and clear recordings; referring on any child protection concerns to management.  Failure by a member of staff to report actual or suspected safeguarding concerns of a young person will not be condoned.

·      Your priority during working time is the engage with the Child / Young Person in your care. Please ensure your own mobile phone is kept to a minimum i.e. for emergency use only.

·      You will submit on a weekly basis claims for hours worked and expenses, which will be paid in arrears on the last day of the month (subject to a payroll deadline of the 24th of each month).

·      You will ensure Data Protection (GDPR) procedures are adhered to, and that all personal information and work records remain confidential and are securely stored.


·      You will be flexible in your approach to hours at work.  Shifts may include early, late, night, weekend and Bank Holiday work. Due to the nature of the services provided, management may need to contact you outside of normal working hours and we may not always be able to give notice before sessional hours are required.

·      You will be flexible about working at any locations within Fusion Outreach Services; ensuring that you have access to a car for the duration of each session.


·      Good timekeeping is critical. You will report any lateness, requirements to leave early or any changes to the pre-agreed session dates/times to management beforehand.

·      It is imperative that the Child / Young Person attends all appointments outlined on the Booking Brief unless extreme circumstances mean that cancelling the appointment is unavoidable.  Prior management approval should be gained before cancelling any appointments.


·      You will participate actively in the ethos of a positive and professional team and attend meetings and training opportunities, as required by management.

·      You will promote the work of Fusion Outreach Services and to behave as ambassador for the service, upholding its policies and procedures at all times.

·      You will ensure lone working procedures are adhered to, checking in as required, to ensure your personal safety

·      You will behave with honesty and integrity at all times, you are in a position of trust.



Day-time hours from 07.00 – 23.00 Monday to Sunday Basic rate = £9.82 per hour (plus £1.18 per hour statutory annual leave up tp the FTE of 37.5 hours per week)

Waking nights from 23.00 – 07.00


Basic rate (x 1.5)


Overnight sleep-ins from 23.00 – 07.00


£25 flat rate per night (NB: if required to work during a sleep-in shift, the waking night rate will apply for working hours only and paid in addition to the sleep-in flat rate per night)


Bank holidays:


All above rates apply (x 1.5)



This is not an exhaustive list of all the duties and responsibilities that may be required from time to time and is subject to change in accordance with the needs of

Fusion Outreach Services


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