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  • Past offences do not necessarily mean that you can’t foster.
  • It will depend on the type of offence, when it was committed, and your individual circumstances. 
  • If you wish to foster, don’t let it stop you - our fostering advisors can offer advice and support. 

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Looking to become a foster carer?

Many people who would make amazing foster parents are put off from applying because they think that their past may be held against them. Fusion Fostering are always looking for new foster carers to join our amazing team across all of our regions. The most important things we look for in potential foster parents are a positive attitude, openness to learning, good communication skills, and a genuine desire to make a difference and improve the lives of children and young people in our care. 

What offences bar you from fostering? 

You will not be allowed to foster if you or any other person over 18 in your household has been cautioned or convicted of certain offences. If any offence has been committed against children, you will be barred from applying. This is because safeguarding children is the number one priority when it comes to providing a safe, loving foster home for young people. 

Other crimes may also stop you from fostering such as the supply of drugs, abuse and violence, assault, or sexual offences. In any case, individual circumstances are considered and social workers will be open to understanding your point of view and your background. 

What checks are carried out as part of the application process?

As part of the assessment process, a police check or Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) check will be carried out on you and any other adult in your home. The assessment takes place after your initial enquiry and a home visit, so you will have had a chance to discuss any past life experiences or convictions with a social worker and discuss your eligibility to foster

Discussing your criminal record

It’s always best to discuss your criminal record with social workers and fostering advisors before the DBS check is carried out. Being open, honest, and straightforward about your criminal record will allow our team to give you the best guidance about whether fostering is the right career for you. The DBS check will reveal any criminal record that you hold so it’s always best to get this out in the open early on in the process. 


What makes a good carer?

As discussed above, a criminal record doesn’t necessarily mean that you can’t foster! The circumstances, when the criminal activity happened, the severity of the charge and all other factors will be considered during the process. If your offences are considered acceptable as part of your past, you will be invited to fill in an application form.

You must be aged over 21 and have a spare bedroom in your home to be able to apply. Aside from your past history, other factors that assessing social workers will consider are your health, ability to carry out daily tasks, communication skills, your home environment and your general attitude towards foster care. 

If you think you are suitable for the role, don’t let a criminal record stop you! Speak to a professional at Fusion for tailored support and guidance on beginning your fostering career.

Everything you discuss with us is confidential and we promise to listen to your concerns in a judgement-free environment. We want the best for you and the children in our care too! 

Speak to a member of our team today by contacting us on 03301 239 355 or filling out our contact form here

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Why Choose Fusion?

Generous Payment Package

Generous Payment Package

Generous fostering allowance and professional fee paid directly to carer.

Professional Support

Professional Support

Access to a senior member of the team 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Training Opportunities

Training Opportunities

No previous experience necessary as specialist training and development are provided.

Considered Placements

Considered Placements

Thoughtful matching of children with your family to ensure positive outcomes.

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What our fantastic Fusion Fostering Carers think...

The journey to becoming a carer


Initial Enquiry

Call us, complete an online enquiry, use our live chat service or send an email to get in contact and begin your journey!

Home Visit

A social worker from Fusion will visit your home to get to know you and provide further information.


The assessment process will review your suitability to foster. Information is gathered into a Form F report.

Skills to Foster Training

You will receive specialist training on a 3 day 'skills to foster' training course.


Your assessment is presented to the Fostering Panel who will make a recommendation on your application.


Once approved, you are a registered foster carer and you will await your first foster child.

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How much do Foster Carer's get paid?

One Child

£400 / week

Fusion Fostering pay generous foster care allowances and offer amazing support and training to our carers.

As a Fusion carer, you will be paid an allowance of £400 per week for one child in your care. This increases if you look after more than one child.

The fostering allowance can sometimes be higher if the child has additional care needs and requires further support.

Solo Placement

£500 / week

Fusion Fostering offer a generous fostering allowance and professional fee alongside 14 days paid annual leave and other benefits!

As a Fusion carer, who has a solo child placement (a child who cannot be placed with another young person) you will be paid £500 per week.

Parent and Child

£600-800 / week

Specialist training is required to undertake parent and child foster care. Fusion Fostering provide full training, support, and guidance to carers who wish to specialise in this area.

As a registered Fusion carer, you will be paid between £600-£800 a week to care for and provide professional support to a parent and their child.

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