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If you’re considering becoming a foster carer, you may be worried about what factors cause people to be disqualified from fostering. The good news is that there are very few factors that bar you from fostering if you are genuinely interested! People from all walks of life, cultures, backgrounds, and upbringings can make great foster parents with the right attitude and level of commitment!  We are always keen to attract more foster carers who are willing to provide a safe,...

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Persons Disqualified from Fostering

What is meant by ‘Looked After Child’? A child or young person who is under the care of their local authority for more than 24 hours is considered a looked after child. This term is used to generically refer to children in care. It may refer to children who are living with foster parents or in residential children's homes.  A young person stops being a looked after child if they are adopted, if they return home to their birth parents...

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What is a Looked After Child?

If you’re thinking about preparing a room for a foster child, then you probably already know that a spare bedroom is essential for those who wish to foster. It is a critical requirement to become a carer and, without one, you will not be allowed to apply to foster. If you’re already an approved carer, then you may be wondering how to turn your spare bedroom into a safe sanctuary for your forthcoming foster child.  Here are our top tips...

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Preparing a Room for a Foster Child

If there’s one thing we know, it’s that parents make amazing foster carers! If you already have your own children then you already know what it means to love a child and to be there for them throughout the ups and downs. Although fostering children is not the same as caring for your own children, your experience will put you in good stead to be an amazing foster parent and to really thrive in the role.  Who can foster?  You...

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Fostering When you Have a Child

If you’ve not had any experience with foster care or social services in England, you may be wondering - what is foster care like? Fostering is a life-changing experience not just for the children and young people whose lives it affects but for the families and support networks of those who choose to open their hearts and lives to children in care.  For the children, foster care is a lifeline. Children are taken into care through no fault of their...

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What is Foster Care Like with Fusion Fostering?

All families are different and need different levels of support, that’s why there is no singular type of foster care but many different types of placement that we offer! One of the specialist types of care that we cater to as an independent fostering agency is parent and child fostering placements. This is sometimes also referred to as mother and baby fostering.  This type of fostering involves both a parent and a child coming to stay with a registered carer...

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Parent and Child Fostering Placements with Fusion Fostering

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