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Our Josh has thoroughly enjoyed getting stuck into books during lockdown, as many others have too. Here are just some of Josh’s favourite reads below:

Have you had a share-a-book scheme in your local community? So many have been popping up due to libraries in lockdown.  Please share with us your favourite reads that have kept you going.

The Dalai Lama books – I loved these because they helped me shift my perspective of life itself and everything that comes with it. The art of happiness in particular helps shift your mindset to gratitude & realise happiness is far from the material!

Burn after writing – I haven’t finished this book yet but I am currently writing a few pages a day, it asks some very very tough questions, scenarios and is a very deep book. Supposedly once you have finished you are meant to burn the book and let everything go!

Good vibes, good life – my favourite book I have ever read. This book solidified my belief in the law of attraction and really teaches too about setting personal boundaries, achieving goals and remaining positive even in the toughest of times! An amazing read.

You are positively awesome – a really uplifting book that has little affirmations and reminders for you every day to remind you of how brilliant you are! Teaches a lot about self-care & mental health.

Aromatherapy – I, like anyone, love a massage! I have always been interested in natural oils & healing and their benefits. This book is very informative and even looks at the history of aromatherapy!

The rules of wealth – I loved this book. I think it’s very important to read this book especially when you are young! I wish I had something like this in school/college as it really opens your eyes about Budgeting/saving, investing, spending and a lot of knowledge regarding money. I would tell anyone to read this book!

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