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Parent & Child Placements

We are looking for very special people who want to make a difference. Parent and Child placements are highly rewarding and challenging.

What’s involved?

  • Support a parent and child to remain together and halt potential safeguarding concerns
  • Utilise your parenting skills and help a parent who needs extra support and guidance
  • P&C fostering supports a parent to learn to care for their baby/child
  • P&C fostering provides a supportive and nurturing home
  • P&C carers are valued member of the assessment team delivering high quality independent assessments.

Do you have any of the following?

  • Prior experience of P&C
  • Prior experience of fostering
  • A Professional new to fostering but with transferrable skills eg. Midwifes, health visitors, paediatric nurses, teachers, nursery workers childminders.
  • Excellent record keeping / IT literate
  • Non-smoker for at least the last 12months (0-4’s cannot be fostered by smokers)
  • No significant health factors that impact a carers ability to complete P&C which can be intense.
  • The capacity to have no additional work alongside P&C arrangements.

Fusion Fostering Logo For more info you can view our screening process here Fusion Fostering P&C Initial Screening

If you think that you would be interested in this role and have a keen interest in childcare and providing support to struggling young mothers and fathers, then we would love to hear from you. Or, if you are an experienced carer looking to transfer agency and take on a highly specialised form of care, then please get in touch! Call 03301 239 355 to speak to a professional and friendly member of our team or click here to fill out our contact form.

There is a high demand for quality Parent and Child placements across England and at Fusion we are dedicated to providing the very highest standard of care and support. We provide full training and support to all our carers and you will be part of a highly experienced, motivated, warm and professional team.



Fusion Fostering LogoWhat Local Authorities say about our carers:

“S has been very accommodating in maintaining the placement above 12 weeks and has prioritised KC wellbeing even when faced with personal challenges of her husband having a serious operation. S dedication and commitment to KC was evident as she did not want to leave her with unfamiliar adults in fear KC would be distressed. S has provided a high level of care to KC. S has worked well not get drawn in by a very manipulative mother. I received regular updates from foster carer and agency to ensure I am kept fully updated. Updates were always provided on visits on parenting ability of the mother and the development needs of the child. S has soft and gentle approaching to working with the mother. I have no concerns. I would not hesitate to place another child in S care”
LD, LASW, Wiltshire feedback re: S&A


“Just to say, please pass on my thanks to the foster carers in what has been a very difficult placement due to the challenges presented by mum. Their clear, accurate and detailed record keeping and oversight have allowed a short, but clear assessment to take place. Well done to them”.
NW, Team Manager, Somerset re: S&A


“E&C work well with the local authority and have provided good care of the two unaccompanied young people (one was a young parent and her child) BANES have placed with them. They have supported both girls to develop their independence skills, giving them space to express themselves whilst trying to keep them as safe as possible. They have supported one to move on from their care and continue to offer their support from a distance. They are good advocates for the girls too and have helped give them a voice over the past year during a very difficult time. They have also supported the asylum process and ensured they have attended appointments as and when required although this hasn’t always been straight forward and remains unresolved for LN. E&C try and ensure that LN and SN have an understanding of what is happening and will have open and honest conversations to ensure they have opportunities to ask questions if there is uncertainty (which there has been a lot). Overall BANES have been pleased with the care E&C have offered and provided these two young people and baby H”.
C C, Assistance Team Manager, BANES re: E&C


“The foster carers are open and honest in their communication with mum. The foster carers have evidenced an ability to assess the children’s (SA & RA) needs against the level of support mum needs at any given time and have taken necessary steps to manage situations proportionately and in appropriate ways. The foster carers are raising issues as they arise and they are attuned to their role in safeguarding the children. The foster carers are evidencing in the logs the guidance and advice they are offering mum to improve her parenting in meeting the children’s needs”.
SN, LASW, Somerset on re: S&A


What adoptive parents say about our carers:

“Please find our experience with S&A. We have now adopted a 20 month old girl. Our daughter was in Foster Care with S&A for 9 months. Leading up to meeting our daughter we were in regular contact with S&A building up a relationship with them and listening to their day to day routine with our daughter. We can honestly say that S&A couldn’t be more helpful. J and I are so grateful that they let us stay in their beautiful home for 5 nights for introduction stage with our daughter. They welcomed us like we were part of the family. As soon as we arrived you could see how happy and content our daughter was with S&A . They were both so helpful guiding us through our daughters routine, which we still keep to now with a few changes as she is older. We honestly believe that because our daughter is such a well behaved child is all to do with S&A giving her the best start in life. S&A are always still now on the end of the phone if we ever need them for any advice and guidance, we speak to them once a week. S&A our amazing wonderful people, very professional in their work, and we have kept in contact to this day, so they are very special friends as well. J and I can’t really put into words what amazing people they are and we will be forever grateful for what they have done for a daughter”.
K&J, Adoptive Parents to KC re: S&A


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