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I’m single?

Yes, you can foster if you are a single man or woman. You will be subject to the exact same assessment process as couples or married prospective carers. Your relationship status will never affect your ability to foster. 

I’m a member of the LGBTQ+ Community? 

Yes! We actively welcome applications from the LGBTQ+ community, your gender identity or sexuality does not in any way impact your application or decision to foster. 

I have pets? 

Yes, you can foster if you have pets. After all, we understand that your pet is an important part of your family home. During the assessment process, we will carry out various checks to ensure your home is safe for a foster child. Assessing your pet will be part of this process. 

I live in rented accommodation?

Yes, not owning your property does not bar you from fostering. Plenty of our foster carers live in rented accommodation. As long as you can demonstrate stability in your home, this will not affect your application. It will still, however, be a requirement that your rented property has a spare room available for a foster child. 

I work?

Yes, you can foster if you work full or part-time as long as you can prove that you have enough time in your life to dedicate to foster care including contact time, meetings, training and other responsibilities. We proceed with caution as experience tells us when we have carers who work full time, it can and does create barriers to identifying the right match. Therefore in the assessment process you will need to demonstrate you have the capacity and are able to prioritise the needs of a child.

I can’t drive? 

Fostering requires you to take a child to and from school, to various meetings, appointments and contact sessions. If you do not have a car, you will need to demonstrate that you have access to adequate transportation links and this will not affect your ability to provide full care. 

I already have children?

Yes, of course. As a parent already, you will have developed plenty of skills that will be useful when it comes to fostering a child. Your children will be an important part of the process and we will always consider the well-being of your children as well as any foster children.

I’ve never had children?

Of course, not having your own children in no way affects your ability to foster. We provide all newly approved carers with a complete training programme to provide all new carers with the essential skills and knowledge they need to be successful carers. 

I don’t have any qualifications?

Yes, no formal qualifications are needed to become a foster parent. You will just need to meet the essential requirements as well as show a passion and genuine desire to foster! Full training and support are provided to our carers to ensure they have everything they need to be amazing carers. 

I have a criminal record?

Having a criminal record does not necessarily bar you from fostering unless it specifically relates to an offence against minors or a sexual offence. All criminal convictions will need to be disclosed during the assessment stage and a disclosure and barring service (DBS) check will be carried out. Your suitability to foster can then be discussed with your assessing social worker.

I’m aged 60+?

Yes, there is no upper age limit for fostering. You need to be aged 21 or above as well as fit and healthy enough to take on the responsibility of looking after a child.

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