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Family approach

Fusion Fostering is an independent foster care agency with a family approach. Our team is dedicated to supporting children alongside the amazing individuals and families who open up their lives to care for them.

What makes us unique to any other fostering agency is that our dedicated team of professionals are highly trained, valued, and committed to improving outcomes, resulting in better life chances for children who are often bewildered, frightened, and feeling lost.

On meeting a member of our team, you remain with them from the start of your initial enquiry to placing a child. But the support doesn’t stop there, our social workers are here to listen and support you through the good times as well as challenging times.

Empowered staff

At our inception, we thought about the current issues facing fostering and social work in general and looked to provide some innovative solutions to these problems.

At Fusion Fostering, we have empowered our Supervising Social Workers (SSWs) with additional responsibilities that bring extra scope to their role, allowing them to address some of the shortfalls commonly experienced in fostering practice. This innovation has become one of our key strengths as an agency, allowing our Supervising Social Workers the opportunity to make the best of their role and make important decisions that have a positive impact on the agency and the children and families we support. 

Our model offers flexibility to Supervising Social Workers which allows them to deliver better outcomes for children and young people. The core responsibilities and benefits of the role include:

Expanding horizons 

At Fusion, we believe it is a privilege to share in the journey of a child’s life. It is immensely rewarding and life-changing for all of us. When the innovation, patience, creativity, flexibility and belief of foster carers meet the courage, resilience, personality and determination of the individual children placed, it is incredible what can be achieved.

Our carers recognise the power of ordinary childhood experiences and the importance of seemingly small things to children and young people. A smile, encouragement, interest in their achievements, understanding when things are difficult, or perhaps just a hug when it’s most needed can make all the difference.

Unrivalled support 

Understandably, foster care is not without its challenges, as helping a child heal from often painful histories takes time. It is our belief as an agency that it is not what we do when things are going well, but what we can offer during the difficult and challenging times that really matters.

Whilst children and young people often need a lot of support from robust and trusted carers to recover from their difficulties, foster parents also require quality support and to feel that their efforts are being delivered as part of a team.

This is where our priorities lie and we are committed to remaining more than an agency that places children. In every sense, fostering is a shared task and our carers rightly remind us of the importance and value of that wider commitment.

The children and young people we support come from a diversity of backgrounds, cultures and experiences. There really is no single blueprint of a foster carer, so at Fusion Fostering, we are looking to recruit, develop, and work with carers from all walks of life.

We highly value the work foster carers do and the contribution they make to the lives of children and young people. If you want to begin your career with us, please take a moment to fill out the contact form below. It’s as easy as that!

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